In the USA, professional indemnity insurance (Pii) is referred as professional liability insurance, or omissions and errors insurance. There are much professional insurance, you can find very cheap and also very expensive. Choose a professional insurance in USA is a very difficult task, but you can get help with insurance comparators that you can find on the internet. 

   Despite their efforts and dedication in their work, there is a possibility of an error occurring. A little mistake in your business can lead to costly legal fees and compensation in the event that a person suffers a financial loss. The professional indemnity insurance protects your business and your staff against the damage caused by poor advice or makes a small error. In case you
do something wrong in your work, is the right to be covered.

    Clients can claim you for negligence even when you've done nothing wrong and it isn't your guilt. For this reason, the professional liability insurance covers your business and your legal defense costs as well as damages if a client makes a claim against you. Errors and Omissions Insurance is also known as professional liability insurance. You're covered against the financial consequences of either: a mistake or an error from something you did wrong and an omission from something you failed to do. So if something goes wrong and a customer makes a claim against you for damages, you need insurance to cover the legal costs of defending itself, and the costs of the damages you may have to pay.

   And now I want to show you five reasons to buy professional indemnity insurance if you live in the USA, the first reason is that the insurance makes covering your assets our business. Also your business and your staff will be protected. The second reason is that the insurers have a dedicated team of specialists in litigation. They know what to do to defend a claim against you.
We're guessing you probably do not. All you have to do is provide the information they need.

   So if you receive a complaint, you know you are not alone in defending it. The third reason is that the professional indemnity insurance covers bodily injury that occurs in connection with professional services. We're not talking about broken bones, we're talking about defamation, slander, libel, etc.. In other words, something that could not have been "aware" or "deliberately" said can be interpreted or become a big headache, and too expensive!
The fourth reason is that legal advice is expensive, very expensive. The professional liability insurance covers legal costs of defending a claim against you. And the last reason is that your company will be protected against lawsuits and claims. You can rest easy, so you no longer have to be afraid to take actions that may cause big and costly mistakes.
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